• As a parent, we realize you have a choice between several different dance studios. We believe that all dance studios are NOT the same. We consistently renovate and improve dance programs, facilities, and technology. We remain true to small class sizes and our mission statement in order to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best dance experience possible.

    Today there are several different studios to choose from in the local area. We invite you to compare all of our features and options to see why our studio is the best studio for you.


    • Top-Notch faculty that instill positive reinforcement when working with your children
    • We provide the highest standards in instruction in a caring environment


    Quality Instruction:

    • Various forms of dance including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Irish Step, Creative Movement, Pre Dance and Hip Hop
    • Beginner to advanced class levels in each of our age groups
    • Children to Adult Classes
    • Expanded schedule for your convenience
    • Classes that run from September to June, with a year-end recital every year



    • State of the art facility for comfort and security
    • There are three studios in which to teach the diverse group of students who grace our facility. Each studio space has been equipped to provide the highest quality of dance and movement experience to each student
    • Each studio has a long wall of mirrors. Mirrors allow students and teachers the chance to check out the body alignment, group unison and to provide assistance while learning a variety of techniques
    • Each studio has a double row of barres, Barres provide students with the support they need to learn balance work. The goal is for dancers to gradually gain confidence in their skills in order to perform those same skills out in the center of the floor.
    • Our Studio's floating subfloor absorbs, dissipates and provides safe, resilient energy return. This ensures that "dancing bodies" of all ages are protected from stress fractures and excessive fatigue, thereby avoiding pain, joint stress and injury. Safety is the number one issue with dancers when it comes to floors.
    • Comfortable lobby for parents to view their children's dance class on our large screen TV with a live feed from each dance studio.
    • Shopping, banking and dining experiences just a stone's throw away from the studio!



    Age Appropriate

    • Dances
    • Costumes
    • Music

    Hassle free and memorable performances that you can be proud to be a part of including our June Recital at Grand Ledge High School Auditorium and various local performances.


    Limited Class Sizes:

    • Limited class sizes are based on age and level with a professional and fun atmosphere


    Customer Service:

    • We are constantly striving to service the community and better educate our dancers
    • We welcome any questions, comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms at any time